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A couple useful links for if something is troubling you or if you are in need of more urgent help (or just a chat!) :

VetLife: 0303 040 2551 Samaritans: 116 123 Shout (For Crises) : Text 85258

Submission rules:

-Submissions containing names of people will either have the name removed (and replaced with "[redacted]") or be deleted completely. Use initials. However, if one of our admins feels the submission contains quite specific descriptors the post may still be deleted even if a name isn't mentioned. This may also in some circumstances include names of schools, and without fail will include names of academics. Public figures are fine.

-Any submissions of a malevolent/vulgar nature will be deleted. Keep it clean!

-While we are not affiliated with any parties within the veterinary profession (nor do we represent the student body of veterinary students in any manner) we choose to carry out operations on this page in a manner that respects the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Surgeons (for more information visit: ). In terms of implication, this means submissions that violate these terms will be deleted. A few examples may include disclosing client or practice information, acadmic misconduct and submissions that describe witnessing/performing an act of gross-negligence that has not been reported otherwise.

-Due to COVID-19 and the introduction of online-based assessments, we have elected to delete any submissions that we deem to be related to on-going examinations. This mainly includes questions of an ethical or medical nature. This rule will be in place until we can be sure that all examinations have been completed within an exam period. For genuine questions related to these topics, we would recommend performing a literature search.

-No Advertisements. This is not limited to company or societal event advertisements and may even at times include book recommendations. This also includes links to petitions, no matter how worthy the cause is!

-Posts of an unoriginal nature/spam will be deleted. Please only submit something once. Related to this, as a page we often hold informal votes on the banning of specific topics. We will try to update this text body to include currently-banned topics but we also encourage you to check the page and to see where such votes have taken place. If you feel a submission complies with all of the rules and it still has not been allowed through, it is likely because it meets this criteria.

-Memes (and other images): these still must comply with all rules listed above. While we appreciate that "comedy is subjective" we will not approve of any material that could be perceived by a large amount of people to be offensive in nature. Please save us the trouble of reading/deleting complaint-related submissions on this matter.

Thank you for familiarising yourself with these rules. Happy fessing!

What is this website for?

We act as a submission portal for anonymous Facebook pages, confessions pages, and freedom walls. Simply type your submission into the Facebook page's portal and the admins of that page will review your submission. If it is successful it will be posted on that page's Facebook feed.

What is Uni-Truths?

We are a company that develops user-friendly software which enables crowd-sourced publishing for free! We are used by many student pages and undergraduate communities, from freshers to postgrads, in universities and colleges all over the world. Our advanced features enable anyone to submit anonymously and makes social media management easy. No more slow, clunky forms or outdated websites.

Am I anonymous?

Yes! We do not store any identifying material about you.